Terms & Conditions

First party Second party

The Second Party agrees to supply to the Goods of First Party in strict accordance with the specifications, and at the price stated for each item on our rate card.


The 2nd Party must provide proper and adequate packaging in accordance with best commercial practice, to ensure that the Goods being delivered to 1st Party will be free of damage. Packaging must be adequate to allow for rough handling during transit, exposure to extreme temperatures, salt and precipitation during transit and open storage, with consideration for the type of Goods and transportation mode. 1st Party reserves the right to reject any delivery that is deemed not to have been packaged adequately.


Second Party is the responsible that Goods shall be delivered to the given location in specific time within one day, and will update in the web portal given to First Party. All the delivery which will cancel by the customer or out of reach customer (Not answering) will informed to 1st Party & will return to the Warehouse within one day by the second Party. Second Party should give a valid reason for the Cancelation of Any Shipment. First Party reserves the right to change at any time the quantities, packaging, unit size, place, method and/or time of delivery or the ancillary services to be provided. Where Goods are being specifically produced for First Party.

Damage Shipment

Second party is fully responsible to take care of shipments which will receive in very good conditions from the first Party. Second party will pay full amount of the shipment which will be damage / Lost by the negligence of the Second Party. Any Damage In case of Traffic accident or any accident related to conduct of God it is depend on First Party they will charge 50% of Full amount or will feel the situation.


The rate shall be exclusive of VAT (if it is VAT registered supplier) and other taxes and/or levies. Payment The First Party shall process the payment to the Second Party within Three working days from the date of submission of invoice and after the billing month by the Second Party.

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